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Celebrating 16th Street Festival In Pokhara



Street Festival in Pokhara, organized by REBAN (Restaurant and Bar Nepal) Pokhara Association has been annually held since 16 years ago. This time, we celebrate for 6 days from 28 December 2014 to 2 January 2015. It is a fascinating and impressive festival in Pokhara. All foreign tourists are welcome to celebrate the new year, exchange the cultural activities and enjoy international foods. Its slogan is “Let’s eat on street and enjoy on street”


Therefore we can exchange our culture through the festival. For example, there are Nepalese, Indian and Japanese dances and performances during the festival. Nepal, where more than 100 casts of people live in, is one of the most unique and richest in culture. So they have their own heritage, tradition, language, culture and ritual. Some of them exhibit their culture during the festival.


Hence in this festival we may observe and see highly and remarkably one new experience of all countries activities and performances.


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