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Tabemonoya’s organic coffee is being ready

CATEGORY: ベジタブル・ガーデン

coffee bean in Tabemonoya

Every year Tabemonoya Japanese Restaurant harvest organic coffee from our own lovely garden. This year, the organic coffee is being ready within a few months. Right now it is hanging interestingly and beautifully on the tree as fruits. It is enchanting especially for our guests. They feel surprised when seeing such an organic coffee with on its tree.

Guest with Coffee Tree

By the way, We frequently found in newspapers and in the television about such Organic coffee of Nepal which does export in other countries such as the US, Japan, Australia, etc. The organic coffee is being popular and famous internationally as well as in Nepal. Many organizations and NGOs are planting organic coffee all around Nepal. Therefore Organic coffee is becoming one of the sources of income of Nepal. Such organic coffee is mainly cultivated in hill side of Nepal, which cover 68% of the whole country.

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