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Celebrating Happy New Year in Nepal


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Nepal is one of the most destination country in the world because where are lots of different type of observable things including culture, tradition and nature, which may remains one of the most unforgettable moment or experience in their life who welcomes to visit in Nepal. We may see and feel all things differently and astonishingly. One of astonishing events is Nepali New year. Today, 14th April 2015, is Nepali New Year of this year.

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Therefore, Nepalese people are celebrating the beginning of the year 2072. In Pokhara, Hotel Western Association Nepal is holding a five-day event from 11th to 15th of April. During this period, we can see lots of different kinds of culture of Nepal in the festival. It is a very good chance to see tradition and culture of morethan 100 ethnic groups on Nepal such as traditional dresses, ornaments, tribal songs, dances and other activities which will be one most experimental moment even for Nepalese people also because eastern culture is totally different between western culture. So it is known as one of the exchange culture festival for domestic or international because another country also may performance their culture as a coordinately in this festival.

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So now celebrating Happy New Year festival gathering all Nepalese People along with Tourist also who welcome from other different country.

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