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Massive Earthquake In Nepal

CATEGORY: 日々のこと ポカラ


Earthquake is a natural disaster which happen suddenly and may directly effect to living things and non-living things. We listened and saw in the television, radio or newspaper that the earthquake damaged many houses and killed many people or animals.

Now Nepal are suffering such massive earthquake, which happened on 25 April 2015 around 12: 56 in the afternoon about 7.9 Rector Scale whose main center point was Middle East of Nepal. Thousands of people were killed immediately and thousands of people were injured. More than one million people have been spending their life without house because their houses were Totally damaged. Many helps from governments and NGOs from many countries such as rescues and donations has been sent to Nepal.

Fortunately western part of Nepal, where we are locating, some houses were damaged but Human life is still as it was. many tourist are staying and doing relax safely means without any fear. All hotels and Restaurants are opening as usual

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