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Interesting garden of Tabemonoya in spite of raining seasonal organic vegetables

CATEGORY: ベジタブル・ガーデン

organic vegetable

After massive earthquake it is going on normal life of Nepal. Guests are coming with relief materials to provide to earthquake victims as a individually in Nepal of countryside of disaster zone which is specially eastern part of Nepal . So they are helping kindly and friendly to earthquake victims .

Pokhara is located in the western part of Nepal where is not disaster zone. Pokhara is fine and perfect. Therefore public and tourists are spending or enjoying their life as usual. Even ones who come with relief materials, they heartily like to stay in Pokhara and distributed from here because Pokhara is safe. So Pokhara is already became in totally normal life and tourism field also becoming up .


By the way, it is now off-season and raining season, so tourism field is being quiet but normally 30 to 40 percent tourists do visit in this season also as our yearly tourism record in of season time also. But this year, due to earthquake, we cannot maintain this number. But Tabemonoya Japanese Restaurant is trying to service to our guests with fresh, organic and hygienic foods growing raining seasonal organic vegetables in own small Garden. Right now we are growing Capsicum, Egg plants, Tomato, Green Beans, Salad Leafs, Green onion , Green Chilly and so on.


Therefore while Guest entered in the Restaurant they feel happy and surprised by seeing beautiful and lovely garden of organic vegetables, blooming heterogeneous flowers with herbs and coffee trees also which is interestingly blooming now .

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