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Celebrating Dahi Chiura day, Aashar 15


mud festival

Today, we celebrate Ashar Pandhra. Pandhra means the 15th day of nepali month Ashar. People celebrate this festival with eating dahi chiura. Dahi is a typical Nepali dish (curd/yoghurt) and chiura (flattened rice). In this day the people and farmers of Nepal plant the paddy crops and after planting paddy crops people get hot and exhausted so they eat dahi chiura to get cool.


This festival is also known as festival of mud. People celebrates this festival putting mud to each other. Like the last year, the ropai mahotsab was organized by tourism board in Pokhara. There were so many competition like running in muddy field, pulling rope, planting paddy rice faster etc. many locals and foreigners were enjoying with mud. I have attached some photos. Please check it out.

DSCN3639[1] DSCN3640[1] DSCN3627[1] DSCN3621[1]

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